Training Workshop on "Material Selection & Corrosion Control" - in Hydrocarbon & Chemical Process Plants

Course Objective:

Corrosion is a natural process whereby all metals tend to reverse back to their initial compounds. Thus corrosion cannot be prevented but can be controlled. Present training program has been developed to provide an overview of the Corrosion, various Corrosion Control measures, Material Selection in important capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas Production, Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Process Plants, Power, Pipelines, Manufacturing and others. Emphasis of the program is to provide participants a right platform to discuss actual case studies through live question/answers to further enhance their depth of knowledge and get answers of the problems experienced in the plant.


Theme Topics & Structure of the Program:

  • Electrochemical aspect of corrosion, corrosion rate calculation, corrosion allowance.
  • Various corrosion phenomenon as encountered in hydrocarbon and other process plants (localised attack, erosion corrosion, acid corrosion and other corrosive agents, sulfidation, environmental assisted cracking (hydrogen damage, sulfide stress cracking, stress corrosion cracking etc.).
  • Overview of various Corrosion Control Techniques/methods e.g, Material selection, Cathodic Protection, Coatings and linings, Corrosion Inhibitors etc.
  • Importance of Material Selection, Types of equipment, Design Aspects. Material selection for corrosion control in process industries (Plain carbon and Low alloy steels and their areas of application, Different grades of Stainless Steels and their application)
  • Super alloys (Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum alloys) their selection and application, nonferrous metals and alloys (Copper and its alloys, Aluminium and its alloys, Magnesium and its alloys, Titanium and its alloys.
  • Types Organic and metallic coatings (inorganic zinc, epoxies, phenolics, vinyl esters, polyesters, metallic zinc, aluminium, stainless steel etc.) and their areas of application
  • Various types of Chemical corrosion inhibitors and passivators for steam /condensate lines, cooling water system and process streams.
  • Cathodic protection fundamental and its application for underground plant piping, equipment and above ground storage tanks.
  • Practical Case Studies and Failure Analysis, Question Answer Session

Training Program Includes:

• Certificate of attending the Training Workshop

• Delegate Kit with Course Material

• Arrangement of Tea/ Coffee and Buffet Lunch

Delegate Fee:

Rs. 19,000/- + Taxes.

10% Corporate discount for more than 2 and above number of delegates from same organization.
15% Corporate discount for more than 4 and above number of delegates from same organization.
20% Corporate discount for more than 6 and above number of delegates from same organization.

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Contact Details for Registration:

Mobile no: +91-9971943010 / 9899694522; Office no: 011-46545757

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Our faculty Mr. R Chaudhury,
(M. Tech and B. Tech from
IIT Kharagpur), EX. Group Head of Corrosion Control Group, Engineers India Ltd.,
is highly renowned Corrosion Specialist in the Oil & Gas Industry with more than 34 years of practical experience in Corrosion Control and Management, Protective Coatings/linings, Cathodic Protection, Material Selection and Pipeline Integrity for various industries like process plants, off-shore Oil& Gas production/ process platforms, submarine and onshore pipelines, integrity assessment of hydrocarbon pipelines etc.

Who should attend?

The course outline is designed for professionals engaged in design, installation, monitoring, testing, commissioning, corrosion control from, inspection & maintenance.

  • Oil & Gas Production and Processing
  • Oil Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical and process industries
  • Pipeline
  • Design & Engineering Companies
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Technical Institutes
  • Vendors & Suppliers of CP Products