Training program on "Cathodic Protection" - fundamentals, design and application

Course Objective:

Cathodic Protection (CP) is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. Cathodic protection systems protect a wide range of metallic structures in various environments. Common applications are: steel water or fuel pipelines and steel storage tanks such as home water heaters; steel pier piles; ship and boat hulls; offshore oil platforms and onshore oil well casings; offshore wind farm foundations and metal reinforcement bars in concrete buildings and structures Cathodic protection designs can differ considerably depending upon the coating, the configuration of the structure, the environment and the presence of neighboring structures. When a system is designed, installed and maintained properly, cathodic protection is one of the most effective and economical methods of preventing corrosion.

Present program has been developed to provide comprehensive training on Cathodic Protection, covering areas such as the theoretical background of corrosion/ Cathodic protection, potential and current CP surveys, CP audits and its applications in different environments/ industries, CP interference and stray current, design factors and selection process, monitoring and maintenance, as well as the related equipment, illustrations and case studies. Emphasis of the program is to provide participants a right platform to discuss actual case studies through live question/answer to further enhance their depth of knowledge.

Theme Topics & Structure of the Program:

  • Cathodic protection fundamentals: Nature of corrosion cell, electrochemical theory behind cathodic protection (CP), CP & corrosion rate, types of CP (sacrificial vs. Impressed current), CP reactions, coatings & CP, cathodic disbondment, CP current density and potential etc.
  • Application, design & monitoring of cathodic protection: Structures protected, CP system components, design aspects, cathodic protection measurement techniques
  • Cathodic protection design and application for on-shore pipelines: Design, Engineering, anode and anode beds, measurement principles/techniques, anode bed remoteness, CP monitoring /survey technique, System maintenance / operation.
  • Cathodic protection of above ground storage tanks: Tank foundation, potential variation, anode location/ configuration, measurement techniques.
  • Cathodic protection of Underground Piping and Vessels in Process Plants: Corrosion cells, electrical isolation, design outlines, close and remote ground beds, anodes.
  • Cathodic protection of off-shore platforms, submarine pipelines and other underwater structures i.e jetty piles, PLEM etc.: Coatings, protection current density, design and engineering, cathodic protection monitoring impressed current vs sacrificial system, underwater retrofitting.
  • External DC and AC stray current interference and corrosion: DC and AC stray current interference, cathodic protection interference interference mitigation measures.
  • Cathodic protection case studies: Discussion of practical case studies and providing expert opinion on the problems faced. Overview and question/ answer session.

Training Program Includes:

  • Certificate of attending the Training Workshop
  • Delegate Kit with Course Material
  • Arrangement of Tea/ Coffee and Buffet Lunch

Delegate Fee:

Rs. 19,000/- + Taxes.

10% Corporate discount for more than 2 and above number of delegates from same organization.
15% Corporate discount for more than 4 and above number of delegates from same organization.
20% Corporate discount for more than 6 and above number of delegates from same organization.

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Our faculty Mr. R Chaudhury,
(M. Tech and B. Tech from
IIT Kharagpur), EX. Group Head of Corrosion Control Group, Engineers India Ltd.
, is highly renowned Corrosion Specialist in the Oil & Gas Industry with more than 34 years of practical experience in Corrosion Control and Management, Protective Coatings/linings, Cathodic Protection, Material Selection and Pipeline Integrity for various industries like process plants, off-shore Oil& Gas production/ process platforms, submarine and onshore pipelines, integrity assessment of hydrocarbon pipelines etc.

Who should attend?

The outline of the  course is designed for professionals of

  • Cathodic Protection Design & Engineer
  • Operation & Maintenance persons of Cathodic Protection
  • CP Inspection and Survey
  • Oil and Gas Production and Processing
  • Oil Refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical & process industries
  • Pipeline
  • Design & Engineering Companies
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Technical Institutes
  • Vendors & Suppliers of CP Products