India representation for foreign technologies/ solutions:

Alongside conducting technical events, MatCorr has been engaged in promoting foreign technologies/ solutions in the area of Oil & Gas, Energy, Metallurgy, Engineering & Manufacturing industries. This has come with the myriad connections it has built over years and interactions with key decision-makers and senior management of leading companies.

We provide customized solutions and services to succeed in India with a mid to long term expansion strategy and promotion of cutting edge technologies into the market.

We can look up multiple avenues for client’s expansion into the Indian market:

  • Assessment of major opportunities
  • Strategic tie-up & Partnership formation
  • Technical presentation of client’s solutions to major stakeholders
  • Country representation and formation of India entity
  • Product Development/ Customization Consultancy according to Market Needs
  • Helps in Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
  • Hiring the assistance of key resources to run the business
  • Business Development & Increase Market Reach
  • Technical Show, Product Promotion through Event

MatCorr provides tailored services best suited for client’s specific products/ technologies & solutions and develop robust market expansion strategies. India is the fastest-growing economy and a dynamic market, any new entrant needs to overcome some compelling challenges. We have a strong techno-commercial team having a combined experience of more than 3 decades with experience in engineering, manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas and related industries.

Some of the subjects we expertise in:

  • Asset Integrity Management 
  • Pipeline Inspection & Pipeline Integrity
  • Pipeline Corrosion Protection
  • Leak Detection, Robotics Inspection, Drones
  • Inspection & NDT Techniques, Equipments, Services
  • Corrosion Control Techniques like Coating, CMS, CP, Inhibitors
  • Advanced Materials, Corrosion Resistance Alloys, Application Oriented Materials
  • Welding & Fabrication, Welding Equipments, Electrodes, Machinery
  • Water Treatment Systems, Chemicals
  • Chemicals for Oil & Gas Industries
  • Software’s for Corrosion rate, Reliability, Operation Optimization

We have good footprints in the following Industry Segments:

  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Pipeline
  • Refineries & Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizer & Process Industries
  • Power & Energy Companies
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Steel Industry
  • Water management
  • Other related Industries

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